As an experienced professional with over 14 years of wedding reception entertainment performance allows me to give you helpful information in your decision making process for a mobile Disc Jockey/Entertainment service. It has been my experience that entertainment is crucial to the overall success of your wedding day. Hiring the proper professional to carry out the task that you want, it is important for you to hire the person that will be the best fit for your event.

These are my suggestions:

1. Talk to friends and family. Word of mouth means can go a long way.

2. If you are attending an event and you like the DJ/Entertainment company, grab a business card for future reference.

3. Have a one on one consultation with the person of your choice to get a feel for their style and if they will be a good fit for you special day and follow up on any references they can provide.

4. Make sure that the company you hire is licensed and insured and carries all necessary documents for them to perform. This will confirm their commitment to their profession.

These are some of the things that will help you so you will not fall victim to a disaster. I have included a few URL addresses in this blog to help you to educate yourself before you hire an entertainment company. It will include a range of pricing that is fair and competitive for your entertainment when held within the Tri-State area of  Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

Never base your decision on price alone.  I will give you more details on the topic in my next blog release! :-)

Click on the links mentioned below refer to average cost of a professional wedding entertainer.

Philadelphia Wedding DJ  

Wilmington Wedding DJ

Southern Jersey DJ

Feel free to send me your questions or comments. I welcome your thoughts.