Here’s a break down of what we can do for your special occasion to make sure you and your guests have a fun stress free wedding reception.Sharing a Moment

Ceremony Music

If you are having the ceremony and the reception at the same facility, we will provide all the background music while your guests arrive. Classical wedding music is customary, while contemporary love songs may also used. Custom selections or standard musical pieces are played for the seating of the parents, the bridesmaid’s procession, and the bride’s entrance.
Musical interludes may also be played during the lighting of the unity candle and/or presentation of flowers to the mothers. Upon completion of the ceremony a trumpet voluntary or traditional recessional is played as the bride and groom exits.

Background / Cocktail Music

While the guests arrive, we are playing light jazz and contemporary instrumentals. The music is low-key, and the volume is unobtrusive, allowing your guests the opportunity to converse with friends and family.

Formal Introductions

Usually, after the ceremony, the photographer will take all the formal “posed” shots. Once everyone is ready and gathered, we will line everyone up in their formal order. The introductions are made to music of either your choice, or the entertainer’s recommendations.

First Dance

The bride and groom can celebrate their first dance at any point throughout the reception. Many choose to share the dance immediately after the introductions, while others wait until after the meal. In either scenario, wedding etiquette states that no on should dance until the bride & groom have celebrated their dance first. Blessing / Toast The blessing and/or toast usually occurs just prior to the meal being served. We will gather everyone’s attention and direct them as each event takes place.

Parent Dances

The parent’s dances are traditionally performed immediately after the “First Dance.” The bride first dances with her father, and them the groom will follow with his mother. Other relatives or siblings can share the special dance if so desired. These dances may also be shared with multiple parents/ relatives / siblings. Parent’s dances may also be interspersed throughout a multi-course meal.

Bridal Party Dance

The bridal party can either join the Bride & Groom halfway through their “First Dance,” or they can have their own dance, usually after the parent’s dances.

Let’s Dance

After the formal dances have been completed, we encourage everyone to join in on the dance floor. We will then play a mix of music from you and your guest’s requests, and our knowledge of proven favorites. We coordinate any special activities with the photographer and video photographer to ensure they capture those special moments.

Cake Cutting

If the cake is being served as dessert, the cake cutting is done immediately after dinner, before any formal dancing; otherwise, the cake is usually cut approximately one hour before the end of your event. We will coordinate with the catering staff, the photographer, the video photographer, and the bride and groom when the appropriate time arrives. We always remain
flexible to accommodate any changes in timeframes.

Bouquet & Garter Toss

Sometime during the general dancing, we will host the tradition of removing the garter and tossing the bouquet and garter. As with the cake cutting, we will coordinate our activities with the appropriate people to ensure they capture the fun-filled moment. Be assured that we will treat this activity in the decorum specified by you, and with respect to those who capture
the bouquet and garter.

“Dollar” Dance / “Money” Dance

Some bridal couples decide to have a “Dollar” Dance, where the bride and groom, individually, spend a few moments dancing with each of their guests. The guests, in turn, give a “gift” of money in appreciation of having an opportunity to dance with either the bride and/or groom. If this dance is chosen, we will initiate the activity and direct everyone on how to proceed
with the festivities. Usually, slow dance music played during the segment; however, some Polish traditions call for lively polkas to be played.

Group Activities

There are many songs which initiate group participation, and generate guest involvement. If you so desire, we will incorporate some of these activities into the reception, in order to get your guests involved. Some activities may include: The Chicken Dance, YMCA, Locomotion (Train), Macarena, Hokey Pokey, and so on. We incorporate novel and unique approaches to
ensure that everyone has fun when doing these fun activities.

Line Dances

Ever since the “Electric Slide,” the line dancing phenomenon has been very popular at weddings. Current country songs, like “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” have also sprouted popular line dances. Old time classics as “Hang On Sloopy”, “New York, New York”, and the “Alley Cat” have also been longtime favorites. When we play these line dance songs, we get out on the floor and dance
with your guests, while instructing those that may not know, or remember, the steps.

Last Dance

Wrapping up the memorable event with an appropriate song is always suggested. A slow romantic ballad usually lingers in your guest’s memory when they your special day. You may pick a special song with meaning, or we can pick one from the requests, or provide one from our vast repertoire of musical selections.

Final Good-Bye’s

The bride and groom will be hugging and kissing everyone as they depart, hearing from all of their guests what a wonderful time they had, and how much fun they enjoyed.

Here are a few performance videos displaying the professional wedding disc jockey services we provide to our clients.

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*Please note these are just suggestions of events. Your reception should be as unique as you want it to be. You may personalize your reception schedule any way you choose.*